“We’ve been dealing with the drama of website hosting and server management since 1994. What an amazing breath of fresh air we found when we discovered Skylands Networks! For the first time we have a team managing our servers that is engaged, that knows us and our business goals, and is just as dedicated to getting the best, most reliable service for our clients as we are.”

“About two years ago—upon a strong recommendation from one of our senior developers—we moved our online platform to Skylands Networks. Reliability, capacity, scalability, and security were all extremely important to us, as we host intellectual property from all over the world on our site. Migrations are always a tricky business, but our former host provider was not delivering. The Skylands Networks Team handled a complex migration professionally and effectively and delivered and exceeded our expectations in all of the required areas. Additionally, their responsiveness has been outstanding, even on weekends and in the evenings.”

“Skylands has proved to be a valuable asset to our site. Joe always makes himself available for any questions and is always willing to jump in and troubleshoot any issues at any time, even if they’re not directly related to the host server. His insight and knowledge give us comfort that we’re in good hands. We have never experienced any unexpected downtime on our site since being hosted by Skylands. When maintenance or interruption is necessary, Joe will make sure the interruption is minimal and only happens during the quietest time on our site. Skylands’ rates are very reasonable and much less expensive than major competitors.”

“For over 10 years, we’ve been using Magento for our store. We grew from very small to a good amount of visitors daily, and the traffic made us change servers many times. Unfortunately, it was always coming back to case one after a few months, slowdowns over slowdowns. With Skylands Networks, we’ve never seen such a HIGH speed on our website; it’s insane. They know their stuff very well, answer promptly and are really nice to deal with. If you want speed and reliability, those are the people to go to!”

“Skylands Networks has been instrumental in growing our business by providing top of the line server management and customer service for the past several years. They have helped us develop and sustain a complex system of weather data services for the commercial airline industry which is reliable and trusted by our clients. We were fortunate in finding Skyland Networks to achieve our business goals and would highly recommend their services.”