Successful E-commerce Is About Applying Marketing Psychology In A Digital Environment

In many ways, running a business online is no different than operating out of a brick-and-mortar store. The same basic principles of business apply, especially marketing psychology. You could pick up any classic marketing book written before the internet and apply the advice to your e-commerce business. Psychology doesn’t change. What makes e-commerce different is the digital environment where the exchange of information and communication takes place. In a brick-and-mortar store, some people will make a purchase even if you

How To Implement WordPress Performance Optimization Effectively

Everybody talks about optimizing your website, but what does that actually mean? Optimization – it’s not just about SEO When you read the word “optimization,” you probably think of Search Engine Optimization. The term has been almost branded by SEOs over the years, but optimization isn’t just about getting better rankings – it’s about giving visitors an optimal experience. Regardless of the type of website you manage, optimization is as vital as air, water, and food. Your website can’t survive

Optimize Your Magento Website: 7 Tips For Peak Performance

If you’ve chosen Magento to run your eCommerce website, you’re in good company. Many of the world’s top brands like Canon, Jazzercise, and Burger King use Magento. Magento is the preferred platform for eCommerce websites for good reason. It’s customizable, SEO-friendly, and themes are widely available. Content can be added easily, and there’s extensive support available. The same can be said of WordPress. However, WordPress is only capable of supporting basic eCommerce functions through third-party plugins. In other words, you

Optimize Page Speed For Happier Visitors And Better SEO

When you think of SEO, you probably think of alt tags, compressed images, keywords, and W3C compliant HTML markup. That’s part of SEO, however, perfect HTML isn’t enough to place your website at the top of the search results. You also need speed. In fact, speed is so important, if you don’t have it, search engine crawlers can’t crawl deeply enough into your website to index your pages in the first place. Speed determines how much of your website gets

8 UX Fixes To Reduce Abandoned Magento Shopping Carts

You’ve created a beautiful eCommerce website with a brilliant product your visitors fall in love with. You’ve done everything right – your sales copy is well written and convincing, and it encourages visitors to add products to their cart. However, when you look at your stats, you’ve got a high rate of abandoned shopping carts. Why? What went wrong? If this is your experience, you’re not alone. Thousands of eCommerce websites experience a sharp drop-off during the first step of

Why Load Balancing Is Vital With eCommerce Platforms

Launching an eCommerce website requires investing a significant amount of time setting up and managing IT infrastructure. To prevent unnecessary downtime, you need to consider things like disaster recovery, server security, and website security. Traffic management also plays a vital role in keeping your website online. You need to generate traffic to make sales, but when you’re unprepared, too much traffic can cause your website to go offline. Heavy traffic can impede your conversions Each visitor that comes to your

Is Your Backup Strategy a Disaster?

There are all kinds of threats to your business’s data in this day and age. Computers on your network could get hit with viruses, hardware could fail, or a natural disaster could occur that destroys your equipment. It’s crucial that you back up your business’s data so that you can restore what you need should something go wrong. While you should back up data regularly, that’s far from the only precaution you need to take if you want to keep

We Now Offer Rebootless Patching!

Skylands Networks is proud to announce that we now offer KernelCare! KernelCare is a service that optionally provides automatic kernel security updates to your running kernel alleviating the need to reboot the server. Rebootless, automatic installation of security patches takes nanoseconds, doesn’t alter the performance of your server, and quickly gets you to a better, more secure Linux. Deliver higher SLA and satisfaction for your customers by avoiding the application downtime caused by kernel security updates. You can find out